Born in Argentina, I studied Sculpture and Painting at the National Academy of fine Arts in Mexico City. I spent a big part of my life travelling around the world.
It was in Mexico that I developed a very special relationship with the brilliant and vibrant colours of the country.
Mayan and Aztec forms of expressions influenced my sculpture and painting works.
Three years of living in Germany gave me the opportunity to admire and learn from the works of the great Masters.
My sculpture was influenced by the works of August Rodin and the movement, passion and shapes of Henry Moore.
Moving with my family to Australia in 1986, I found a new variety of colours and styles that I included in my ceramic works.
On my return to Europe, I dedicated a few years to experimenting with different silk painting techniques. Returning once more to Australia in 1996,
I created a variety of polychromatic silk scarves that turned into real jewels to be worn for any occasion.
Recently, I have enthusiastically returned to my real passion – sculpture; a passion that lay dormant for many years through the life distractions of motherhood, work and several international moves.
Working with clay and bronze, cement and marble, I delight creating pieces that display emotion, tenderness and feelings.
My heart’s desire is that my works provide as much pleasure to those who view them as they give me in bringing them to life.
2010 – 2011: Gallery Coordinator for the Association of Sculptors of Victoria for the Elliot with the ASV Gallery
2010 – 2014: ASV Committee member